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Brief History of Spinning

Handspinning - Why?

Wool and Other Fibres for Handspinners

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Thoughts on Learning to Spin

Basic Rules for Spinning with a Flyer Wheel

Spinning Wheels

How Flyer Wheels Work

Choosing a Spinning Wheel

Buying a Spinning Wheel

Indian Book or Box Charkha


Introduction to Handspindles

Spindle Reviews

Tips and Tricks for Spindle Spinning

Building Your Own


Lazy Kate

Knitting Needles





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Handspinning at La Hottée

Unfortunately I learnt too late that my grandmother had owned and used spinning wheel and loom. I learnt to spin with a spindle during a festival and was immediately fascinated. Then I got to know a breeder of Angora goats who gave me some raw kid mohair. So I learnt to prepare fibres myself. My neighbours have some sheep, I got to know breeders of alpacas and angora rabbits, and some more sheep breeders. I met other spinners in real life and on the internet. My tools evolved from home-made spindles and dog brushes to entry-level spinning wheels and hand cards to good wheels and drum carder.

Now the production and transformation of natural fibres has taken over a good part of my life. I have the big advantage of being fluent in English, German and French, so that I can collect information in a good part of the world. On these pages you will find some of my experience.

Have fun!

Spinning Lessons

If you want to learn more, you'll be pleased to know that I give spinning lessons to individuals and small groups. The fibres are included in the price and you take the yarn you have created home with you.

Price :

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