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Brief History of Spinning

Handspinning - Why?

Wool and Other Fibres for Handspinners

Preparing Wool for Handspinning

Thoughts on Learning to Spin

Basic Rules for Spinning with a Flyer Wheel

Spinning Wheels

How Flyer Wheels Work

Choosing a Spinning Wheel

Buying a Spinning Wheel

Indian Book or Box Charkha


Introduction to Handspindles

Spindle Reviews

Tips and Tricks for Spindle Spinning

Building Your Own


Lazy Kate

Knitting Needles





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Life on the Farm


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This is a photo gallery of my

Let the mouse pointer hover over the thumbnail to see the caption. Click on the thumbnail to see a bigger picture. All photos have been taken by me and I have the copyright to them. If you want to use a picture for non-commercial purposes, feel free to do so, but cite its origin (Klara Decker, La Hottée, France - or link to the website).

Spinning Wheels

Some day I'll put up more details on these wheels, including my opinion on how they spin. In the meantime, if you want to know, contact me!

Ashford Countryspinner, a bobbin-lead wheel with enormous bobbin and flyer, meant to spin rug and novelty yarn Preview of the Kromski Mazurka Preview of a German castle wheel, double drive Preview of a German castle wheel, single drive Preview of Henky's Das Bewaehrte A 'Swiss Wheel' offers a big drive wheel in a compact construction Swiss Wheel (from Southern Germany) Preview of a Swedish wheel Haldane Lewis, saxony style, double-drive Hand wheel from Brittany (?) Kromski Polonaise

Finished Objects

You'll see bigger photos when you click on a thumbnail. There's more pictures of my work in the Webshop.

Home-made pennanular brooch from red and green wire Fingerless gloves from light brown german Merino Crocheted bag from Austrian mountain sheep in white and brown, felted in the washing machine. Scarf and fingerless gloves from Angora (grey)/Merino blend Tank top from yellow/green/blue Vendeen and Rouge de l'Ouest Tank top from light blue wool with blended with white ramie Weft-faced bag woven on RH loom from rainbow Vendeen Warp-faced band woven on RH loom from rainbow Vendeen Warp-emphasis cushion-cover with purple mohair/wool warp and white single silk weft Knitted scarf from silk/dwarf angora two-ply in tilting block pattern, white/beige (natural colours) Sweater with cable pattern knit from beige wool

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