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Life on the Farm

In this part of the web site I'll put everything that might be of interest even though it is not directly related to handspinning.


December 2011

In December I've finally opened my shop. It is open from Wednesday to Friday, 4 to 8 p.m. and by appointment.

Wool skeins, scarves on a table, a shawl on a dress form. A shawl on a dress form, scarves on hangers, various objects on shelves. White furniture on wood floor

April 2011

What has happened to 2009 qnd 2010 (not mentioning the first three months of 2011)? The flock consists now of 20 sheep (of the breeds Thônes et Marthod, Landes de Bretagne, Vendéen and crosses) and four angora goats.

Flock of sheep and angora goats

The shop's construction site is still under way. As you notice, everything takes much longer than planned but I'm seeing the beginning of the end and hope that I'll be able to open the shop before the end of the year.

February 2009

February 10th Toni gave birth to a son - my first lamb!

The future shop has doors and windows and the bathroom is getting walls:

Front door View through the building to the back door Bathroom door, still without walls Window

January 2009

Blanche has given birth to three more babies: 2 black and one grey with a white line in the face.

The future store is progressing as well: The masons have finished and I'm working on insulating the last of the roof.

June/July 2008

3 new fibre producers have arrived: 2 angora goats, a black ewe lamb and a Thônes et Mathod ram lamb. Moreover, Blanche has given birth to three lovely black baby rabbits.

March 2008

The first rabbits have been born!

Moreover, the new fence (5 rows of high-tensile electric wire) is finished and the construction work for converting an old stable building into a shop and workshop area has begun.

November 2007

I apologize for not updating for so long - during summer there's so much else to do. Working on the PC is easier on long, dark winter evenings... I've nevertheless kept the monthly headers - scroll down if you want to see what happened this year.

October 2007

Finally I have found a black buck (meaning in this case a male rabbit) for my Angora ladies!

September 2007

The first two sheep have arrived! They have gotten their own page because there will be lots more news about them.

August 2007

Spinner with a Kromski Mazurka in her stall at the festivalI had the chance to participate at the "Fête des Moissons" (harvest festival) at Angrie (Maine-et-Loire). It's one of the biggest festivals in the region, with an emphasis on old crafts (that's why I was invited to demonstrate spinning), good food and old vehicles (there was a very interesting parade of old cars, motor bikes and agricultural machinery).

April 2007

The paddock is finished - a nice, solid paddock to keep cows, horses and (with a bit more work on the gates) sheep in - whether they want to or not. It makes life so much easier that I regret not having built it years ago.

Two horses behind the paddock's gate Wooden paddock besides the stable building

March 2007

My first fibre producers have arrived - 3 female Angora rabbits. You'll find details and pictures on the page Angora Rabbits.

Blue-silver cup with engraving 'Union Avicole Nantaise' On the 24th and 25th of March there was a poultry show in Vertou (a small town next to Nantes). I met many nice people, saw many beautiful animals and I even won a cup! The cup was for a Gimpel pigeon. The Gimpels did extremely well, the Lahore did well and the Orpington cockerels were okay. Pictures are on the respective "for sale" pages.

Page updated: 13 December 2011